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    Help Question About MOVIES Section

    Ask ko lang po kung bakit nawala ang Movies Section.Moderator Note: All question about Movies Section automatically merge to this thread.
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    MTRCB orders Nétflí× to pull Pine Gap' episodes showing China's 9-dash line DFA

    The Philippines' Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) has ordered Nétflí× to pull certain episodes of spy drama “Pine Gap” that show China’s nine-dash line in the disputed South China Sea, saying it is a violation of Philippine sovereignty."After a thorough review, the...
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    About movies

    Bakit wala ng mga movie section na pwedeng pag downloadan?
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    Nétflí× ρrémíùm

    pasabit naman ako sa mga ρrémíùm Nétflí× nyo mga boss. kahit 1 Month lang