Referral 1M HotMoon Token Airdrop sabay na!!


Dec 13, 2021

he HotMoon Airdrop Token start working!

  • HotMoon Token will start working in Meme coins and Metaverse soon.
  • Participating in channel and group of HotMoon Token will bring 1,000,000 units of Token for users and by your contribution you can be a part of this amazing benefit!!!

You can get gift tokens from us by get referrals.
To do this, it is enough for the referral to enter the bot with your link and perform the tasks to receive 2,000,000 tokens.

🔗 Airdrop link:
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The instruction of adding HotMoon Token to trustwallet and your HotMoon Token for Airdrop:

1⃣ first click on the right icon at the top

2⃣ step choose add custom token

3⃣ put network on tomochain and add the contract address of HotMoon token.

NetWork : TomoChain
Contract Address : 0x0ADd5EA92ceeB48D6a32Bc873149531A4cCD2E99
token’s name : HotMoon Token
token’s Symbol : HMOON
Decimals : 18

✅ Token is added to your wallet and you can give your HotMon token address to Airdrop Bot by click on the receive button to receive your gift.