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Mar 29, 2017
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“Tower Hunter Erza’s Trial” is a work that incorporates the core elements of roguelite and is presented in a cartoon rendering style. It tells the story of one of the protagonists Erza, one of the protagonists, became the youngest major general in the empire. Join Erza to explore the mysterious tower, destroy the mutant monsters, defeat the BOSS, obtain the hunter license, and become the most powerful battle girl!

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Roguelike+Japanese animation. This game has a typical You do not have permission to view the full content of this post. Log in or register now. feature, that is, a strict death penalty. Death will be transmitted to the room where the first departure. Of course, there will be resurrection items in the game, but this item is also limited. Both exploration and death can accumulate some things, which can be used to make the character stronger, and you may be able to reach farther areas in the next challenge.
In general, players will continue to move upward in the giant tower world composed of random modules. The giant tower has a variety of different geographical environments, where exploration and challenges are at the same time. Due to the contract between the protagonist Erza and the devil, every time Erza dies, the devil can use time-space magic to teleport back to the original location. In the continuous cycle, the weak Erza will become stronger and closer and closer to the challenge. The goal.
Features of the official version of Magic Tower Hunter
Horizontal 2.5d cartoon rendering style: smooth and dynamic picture performance.
Smooth control: dodge can cancel the rigidity of the move, and jump can slightly modify the strength and direction.
Soul combat: The supply is limited, and more emphasis is placed on standing back and dodge. Different moves and weapons have their own magical effects.
Each type of weapon has a unique combo: combining light and heavy attacks to form a combo, the output and dodge complement each other.
Resurrect the classic command move system in Castlevania: Weapon skills and magic require some simple commands to trigger.
Special rune chip system: Players have more choices for the choice of passive skills and the direction of enhancement in each adventure.
License system: You can obtain different hunter licenses by passing the speed of the level and achieving special conditions. In addition to the achievement display, it will also have other functions.

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