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Closed Admin Password Generator for bm622 2011

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Hi mga idol meron ba link ng password generator ng admin for bm622 2011? ung sabi nila ilalagay ung mac + serial tapos maggegenerate na sya ng password.. hindi ba kaya un ni wimax tool v3 ni xxyyzz? need ko para makasnipe ng od.... thanks
manual script ka na lang,,,,,
anong klasing script idol? nkakasnipe aq ng macs.. kaso karamihan OD... and plan ko is to login using user account then kuha mac and serial ng device saka generate ng admin password saka maglogin using admin account.. then boom.. may od na ako may password pa ako.. so need ko ung password generator ng bm622 :D


Dear clayntouch,

Since 2 years have passed since the last reply in this thread, I am locking it to prevent necroposting. Feel free to start a new thread or contact any forum staff if you want this to be reopened.

Thread closed.
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