Android App Cross Stitch Paradise v1.3.7.68 APK + MOD (rø Unlocked)

Professora Akira

Oct 13, 2017
Cross Stitch Paradise is a practical application; it allows users to design beautiful and unique new pictures.

If you like painting and embroidery, then Cross Stitch Paradise is probably one of the great choices for you to show your passion. The application creates a large space for users to have a large playground and satisfy their passions. With the great features of the application, you can create wonderful, mesmerizing pictures. Not only that, but the application also allows you to view and refer to XSD sample files.

Key Features​

  • Provide a variety of images, lines, and different shapes for you to choose from free to be able to design beautiful, unique, and novel drawings.
  • Rely on your design ability and creative mind to draw new, unique photos and attract more people to see and use this application in designing.
  • You can create perfect pictures and view and consult the available XSD sample files that the application provides you.
  • You are allowed to access new files and other unique and new photo templates, and you are also allowed to use another application to open file formats that it does not support.
  • The interface is simple but extraordinarily sophisticated and full of features; all components are neatly arranged to make it easy to find, see, and not be distracted in the design process
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Hi TS, tanong ko lang kung pwede po mag import ng photo sa app then gagawa sya ng pattern na ipwedeng iprint?