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Android App Opera Browser MOD APK v65.1.3381.61266 (No Ads-No Trackers)


Oct 21, 2019

Opera browser native ad blocker helps you get rid of intrusive ads and loads your pages faster to improve your browsing experience. Now, we’ve added the option to remove the vast majority of annoying cookies and privacy conversations.

Opera browser main ad blocker effectively helps you get rid of annoying ads and load your pages for smoother browsing faster.، Free, unlimited and internal

VPN: Improve your privacy and security with our free internal VPN. Turn on Opera VPN privately, and the IP address will be replaced with a virtual address to help you prevent unwanted sharing of location information and identification.
Easy access to internal QR scanner and barcode. Tap the address bar and the scanner will be available on the right. Point the camera at the QR code / barcode to scan automatically.

The popular Flow feature lets the file, link, or image you share appear instantly on all Flow-enabled devices, and you can seamlessly switch between iPhone, Android, tablet, or PC. Walk around yourself.

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