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Microsoft Edge begs users not to download Google Chrome


Mar 13, 2018
For some reason, Microsoft cannot comprehend that it does not need user-hostile practices to advertise its browser. Many users agree that Edge Chromium is one of the best alternatives to Chrome and its ever-growing list of privacy concerns. Edge no longer breaks when you try to load YøùTùbé, and its users do not need to wait for six months or more to receive a feature update. Still, Microsoft thinks that is not enough.

The company is not happy with Edge's organic growth. That means users need to prepare for yet another flood of annoying prompts attempting to stop you from downloading Chrome.

Users report seeing various popup messages in Edge (via You do not have permission to view the full content of this post. Log in or register now.) when trying to download Chrome. One of such banners says the browser from Microsoft uses the same technology as Chrome, which is true, but with the added trust of Microsoft.

The company clearly tries to poke Google in the eye for some of the recent questionable eavesdropping APIs and convince users that Edge is more trustworthy than Chrome.

Although Google also uses similar practices to switch users from other browsers to Chrome, Microsoft went for the extra mile with way too edgy (pun intended) wording.


Some of the spotted popups include the following messages:

  • "That browser [Chrome] is so 2008! Do you know what's new? Microsoft Edge."
  • "'I hate saving money', said no one ever. Microsoft Edge is the best browser for online shopping."
Still, there is hope that Microsoft will let you use your "so 2008" browser on Windows 11 in peace. The latest preview build of Windows 11 includes a new button that allows users to You do not have permission to view the full content of this post. Log in or register now..

Microsoft will probably continue annoying its users with pathetic popups, but at least it is not easier to switch from Edge to Chrome, Firefox, Vivaldi, or whatever else you might prefer.



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Yeah Even I would get triggered by it, also i have Chrome preinstall like centuries though.
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they simply want to erase the horrid memories of their internet explorer browser that's why they targeting the most used browser nowadays.

put#@$%na..... mas gusto ko pa nga din winXP eh... walng selan..... hehehe
kaso wala nang updated apps na tatakbo sa xp pati chrome na bago yung pinakaluma na lang hhahah


Yeah true po, pero infareness ganda parin gamitin ni Edge for PDF Viewing other than Adobe Acrobat ρrø.
edge din gamit ko pang pdf. kaya hindi na ako nag iinstall ng adobe reader ρrø or any pdf reading apps para gumaan gaan din ang laptop ko..
yun ang problema.... nag update sila para magpalit ka.... di para mag improve yung app nila.... sabagay that is business.... no choice tayong mga users....
sad truth paps. parang windows 11 lang may kaartehang TPM2.0 na something bullsheet kaya mapupuersahang kang bumili ng bagong pc o laptop. 😫