Help Gps fix on lg g4 h818p (dual sim)

Hi, I am planning to disassemble my LG G4 H818P (dual sim).

My gps was alright for the past couple of months but then it just suddenly stopped working and I need to be connected to data/wifi for google maps to be accurate.

I have done the GPS status and toolbox thing and it can locate satellites but does not connect or does not get a fix on it, same with GPS essentials app.

Can anyone point to me where the GPS is and what to do to fix it? (e.g. lift something, cover with aluminum foil etc.)

Already watched a lot of YøùTùbé videos on disassembly of an LG G4.

I downloaded the LG G4 H815 service manual and saw the GPS part on the motherboard but I am not entirely sure if it is what it is.

I bought this brand new LG G4 for $ 262 USD. No warranty.

The rest is all okay (compass, pitch and roll, magnetic field, wifi, bluetooth etc.)


What I did was open up my phone again and just did some random wiping/cleaning with my fingers lol ! And poof GPS is back ! Finally no need to spend money and having paranoia/trust issues with the phone repair person !

EDIT: It suddenly stopped working again... Was wondering if something is loose or not making contact or anything that I can fix.

This is the link to the board of my LG G4, where is the GPS Antenna of what must I do to what specific part?You do not have permission to view the full content of this post. Log in or register now.

EDIT: I went to the mall to have it fixed by the mobile repair people, they would not even touch it as they fear that it might bootloop. Now I'm effing pissed, if I am going to buy a new phone, I don't know what problems LG G6 has but I think I will not be choosing LG anytime soon.